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Windows 10: 2 gebruikers. Bij 1 werkt START en zoekbalk niet meer. Bij 2 alles ok??

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    Login to windows (in your normal and broken Windows profile)
    Right-click the Start button, then Command Prompt (Admin)
    If that fails try Press WINDOWS key + X Key and select Command Prompt (Admin)
    Enter the following commands (one at a time and press ENTER after each one) in the Command Prompt window
    net user “TempAdmin1”“password1” /add
    net user “TempAdmin2”“password2” /add
    net localgroup administrators “TempAdmin2” /add
    Sign out (you can try CNTL+ALT+DEL and select SIGN OUT if you are stuck)
    Login to the TempAdmin1 account using password password1
    Logout (do not SWITCH USERS)
    Login to the TempAdmin2 account, using password2
    Click START and select File Explorer, click the VIEW tab (at the top of the screen), then check on Hidden Items
    Double click your way to C:\Users\TempAdmin1\AppData\Local\TileDataLayer
    Click CONTINUE when you see the security prompt
    Right-click the folder DATABASE and select COPY from the context menu
    Double click your way to (C:\Users\\AppData\Local\TileDataLayer)
    Right-click the DATABASE folder and Rename to DATABASE.DelMe
    Right-click on an blank area in that folder, and select PASTE
    Reboot your Windows 10 PC and then sign into the user that had the problem
    If your Windows 10 Start Button is working, you are done, otherwise proceed to step 3 below.

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