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Na de update naar 8.1 kan ik de spellingscontrole van Speckie in IE niet meer bebruiken. Heeft iemand een oplossing?BK

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  • Dat komt waarschijnlijk omdat met de nieuwe Windows-update Internet Explorer ook een nieuwe versie heeft gekregen. Waarschijnlijk is Speckie nog niet compatible met deze versie. Ik denk dat je geduld nodig hebt totdat de ontwikkelaars Speckie bijwerken, of je installeert een alternatieve browser zoals Firefox of Chrome en je stelt hier de spellingscontrole bij in.
  • "The way people look, dress long beach weiddng dresses, and act reveals their attitudes and interests. You can tell much about a society's ideas and values by observing the long beach weiddng dresses and behavior of its people." Apparently, people's look dress and acts reveal their thoughts. But can we get much information from it? If we get more detailed observation at these respects, we would find it hardly contains enough information. In fact since there are so many ways that directly reflects our behavior, why not we use an energy saving way for our study? Admittedly, by observing their looks dress and acts we can find some useful information. For example, in weiddng ceremony, people in western countries favor black and white as the main color of their clothes; however in east we prefer red. This mirrors a difference in custom and way of thinking. What's more, psychologist have found that people's tiny movement can reveal their attitude, when they are rolling their eyes, then they are likely to be lying. Information like this reveal the thoughts of people to some extent. However, when it comes to ideas and values of a society, these are so trivial. In fact all these behaviors are more closely attached to one's materialistic life, rather than what they thought. They are superficial and indirect, which makes they not the best choice, as we discuss below. Firstly, the way people look, dress and act are so superficial that it's hard to get information. These respect, have more relationships with our ordinary life rather than thing. For example, if a man looks charming, people around him would feel more pleased-anyway it is human nature to appreciate beauty. However, can you know what his attitude toward their nation, or toward their country? It is obviously difficult. What's more, can you judge a person is against or for the fashion of euthanasia merely from his deed and clothes? Also, it is a quit different job-if there exist any. Therefore, since they are more tightly related with our ordinary life rather than our thoughts, these respects just reflects the superficial part of a society's ideas and values. Maybe some detractors would argue that sometimes these respects can work as well. And one significant evidence is what we have cited in the second paragraph-the example that psychologist can get certain information of one's thoughts. However, even if we agree this, it is an indirect way of revealing the ideas and values. For they don't tell you, and all the conclusion you get is based on your observation and further research. A psychologist must first know a detailed systematic theory to effectively get information from the behavior and the outer long beach weiddng dresses of individuals, and then they must note down every tiny differences in their clothing, the way they look, and the way they act. Only after all these onerous work can they get to a conclusion. Hence, this method-given that they can reflect enough information-is still indirect and consuming. Then is there any direct method to know the ideas and values of a society? The answer is yes. Books, TV, and internet, those who can direct conveying one's thought are quite effective in revealing the spiritual states of a society. For instance, through studying the history of one nation, you will get a clear clue how their way of thinking are formed. Through some video programs, talk show or debating program for instance, you can directly know what their opinion is and through the process of arguing you can get a more complete and comprehensive view about their attitudes. Through internet, you can directly chat with them, knowing the first-hand information about a society. These modern means, can greatly help us understand the values and ideas of a system, what's more, they are much more direct compared with the method that the author suggest. All in all, we concede that the way people look, dress long beach weiddng dresses and acts can contributes to our research on the ethos of a society. But owing to its indirect and superficial properties, they are neither cognitive nor effort-saving. Since books and means like this can provide a direct way, a better alternative is taken books and means like this as the majority of our research, and the and behavior as supplement.

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