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How to save documents in Microsoft Word 2007 as PDF format.?

Hello, I am using windows 7 on HP laptop. I have recently installed Microsoft Office 2007 in my laptop for my office working purpose. I am using Microsoft word for work. After finishing my work when I had gone to save my file as PDF, I have seen that there is no option to save as PDF format. But I need to save it as PDF format to submit it to my office. So, is there any way to save my document as PDF?

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    Hello there,

    You can easily save your documents as PDF format. Just you need to install Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS. After installing it you will find a option like .pdf in "save as" popup window.

    Here you can download it: https://nearfile.com/office_news/2007-microsoft-office-add-in-microsoft-save-as-pdf-or-xps/

    Let me know if you can fixed your problem. Thank You.
  • @maichelbrown Thank you so much. I will try it.
  • @maichelbrown hey its worked. Thanks

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