Microsoft cancels Nokia-tablet with Windows RT

After cancelling the Surface 2-line, Microsoft will now end its other ARM-tablet as well. The Lumia 2520, made by the purchased Nokia, will no longer be build, the Windows-manufacturer tells PCM.
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Last week, Microsoft halted the production of its own ARM-tablet, the Surface 2. That device was just about the last remaining Windows-tablet containing an ARM-processor rather than an Intel-chipset. The device ran on Windows RT, a separate build of Windows 8 that can't run regular PC-programs.

Last of the RT-tablets

Now, Microsoft responds to questions asked by PCM, saying that the Lumia 2520 will no longer be manufactured. The second ARM-tablet runnings Windows RT is no more. About six months ago, a Microsoft-employee at a press conference let slip that Nokia's 4G-tablet would be taken out of production, but at that time it was officially disputed by Microsoft. "The Lumia 2520 is not out of production just yet. It is exclusively available at BCC Netherlands. The device has 4G en addresses a specific need for certain customers", the official response from Microsoft rang.

The Lumia has eventually been cancelled, the new response to PCM's questions reads. It's uncertain when the production of ARM-tablets has been cancelled exactly - Microsoft won't tell. "An exact date for the end of production is not available." The company does emphasize it's still working on an official update for WIndows RT, the operating system for the Surface RT, Surface 2 en Lumia 2520. It's uncertain when, if any, Microsoft will release a new ARM-tablet at all.

Making up with backports

The next update for Windows RT would be the backporting of several Windows 10-functions. Current ARM-tablets running Windows will not get the upgrade to Windows 10. Microsoft did the same with smartphones running Windows Phone 7 en 7.5 back in 2012. Those devices did not get an upgrade to Windows Phone 8, however they did get some new functionality from its successor, in the form of Windows Phone 7.8.

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