Nieuwe build Snow Leopard naar ontwikkelaars

Apple heeft build 10A286 van Snow Leopard beschikbaar gesteld voor externe ontwikkelaars. Dit zegt de website World of Apple. Volgens de website World of Apple zit in de build een nieuwe versie van QuickTime, versie 4 van Safarien een nieuwe, op Cocoa-gebaseerde Finder. Interessant is dat Apple ontwikkelaars aanraadt om vooral met de 64-bit versie te experimenteren. Apple wil op termijn de switch maken van 32-bit naar 64-bit.Bekende problemenmetbuild 10A286:

* Remote Installs over Airport may cause panics (A workaround is to install via Ethernet or DVD.)
* Booting from the install DVD can take a long time
* Some settings are not migrated from the previous system when upgrading, including file sharing, sharing name and energy saver settings.
* Finder issues: Icon previews will not appear on the Desktop, selecting Clean Up does not change icon placement on the Desktop. Sometimes the Finder and Desktop will stop responding to input. A workaround is to restart Finder.
* iTunes will sometimes lock up when an iPhone is connected. A workaround is to rename or delete ~/Library/Lockdown)
* Microsoft Office 2004 applications can hang when using the File->Open menu. A workaround is to open the file by opening it in Finder.)
* On newer MacBook Pros, the screen's backlight will not come on when booting into the installer if the brightness is set below 6.
* Hibernation is not working on machines with Nvidia graphics cards and will result in a frozen machine.
* The Time Machine UI cannot be activated in Finder and Mail in some cases.
* The linker creates a bad image when the minimum OS target is set to Mac OS X 10.5 and weak external symbols are used. (A workaround is to set Mac OS X 10.4 or 10.6 as the minimum OS target.)
* Xcode often crashes when navigating in documentation using the navigation buttons.
* We do not recommended installing this seed on the Nehalem Mac Pros.

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