Google sluit open-source-project Gaia af

Gaia is niet meer. Het open-source project om Google Earth door reverse engineering terug te herleiden is door Google in de kiem gesmoord. Jammer, want Gaia was in tegenstelling tot Google Earth ook te gebruiken op handhelds, OpenBSD, MorphOS, etc.Volgens Google maakt Gaia inbreuk op de gebruikerslicentie van Google Earth door de reverse engineering-techniek. Ze hebben de makers van Gaia hierop aangesproken, waarna de software van de site is gehaald. Google is overigens niet te beroerd geweest om een complete uitleg op de site te zetten waarom ze niet akkoord kunnen gaan met Gaia.

"We have in the past and continue to license very expensive data to make Google Earth and Google Maps products. The terms of the license that we signed include a promise by us to prevent anyone from accessing the data other than through Google software. Violations of this promise (such as Gaia source out in the world) not only cost us money and force the disruption by forced upgrade of 100M+ users as we change protocols, they actually put our entire operation at risk since the data providers loose trust that their data, which they sell directly, is out there for free and could put them out of business. Please understand that the Digital Globe satellite cost about $500M so the data is *very* expensive. We are like an iPod for Earth images. If people could get the music out to play on other platforms then the music companies would not allow Apple access to the music in the first place. This is the situation."

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